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Quick Facts

Garrett Fuselier
Based in Los Angeles, CA

Release dates
Phase One: July 1, 2018
Phase Two: October 13, 2022
Phase Three: Fall 2023




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Game Introduction

When your spacecraft crashes on an unknown planet, you navigate your way through its dark and puzzling corridors. Immerse yourself as a parasite, solve challenges, dig deeper and discover what lies beneath.


HOST was created by Garrett Fuselier, inspired by nightmares he had in his teen years of being consumed alive. It was first conceived in 2016 in a sketch and he started developing Phase One in his spare time. On July 1, 2018, Phase One was released on Steam in Early Access. He's spent 4 years developing Phase Two throughout the pandemic and will release on October 13, 2022. The full game will contain 3 phases in total.



"HOST is a heady mix of psychedelic art and hard science fiction. It sucks you into a different world more effectively than almost any other VR experience."
—Colin Northway, Creator of Fantastic Contraption

"Unique, aesthetically interesting and engaging, immersive, sense of place."

"An amazing adventure that immerses you in a very unusual alien atmosphere. The game is fast, but will surprise you more than once."
—VR Goldgrabbers

"Host's atmospheric environment and level design really make great use of [roomscale VR]...if you have a roomscale set up I highly recommend trying this game out"
—Thomas Van Bouwel, Creator of Cubism VR

About Garrett Fuselier

Garrett Fuselier is a Los Angeles based VR/AR designer and developer with 15 years of creating immersive physical/digital experiences for some of the top brands of the world. He is now the Creative Engineering Lead on the AR Team at TikTok, exploring cutting edge, mixed reality techniques for storytelling.


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